Ko Yong-kun's Korean Linguistics Room


BA    1961, College of  Liberal Arts and Sciences, Seoul National University

MA    1965. Graduate School, Seoul National University

Lit. Dr, 1981. Graduate School, Seoul National University

GUEST LECTURES, CONFERENCE PARTICIPATION AND PRESENTATION (except for domestic lectures and presentations)

1977, participation, The 12th International Linguists Congress in Vienna

1980, presentation, "Korean language studies by Westerners in 19th century," Society of Korean Studies in Japan(Tenri)

1984, presentation, "Siebold und Koreanistk," Annual Meeting of AKSE(Duhrum, England)

1984, presentation, "Zum Verhältnis zwischen morphologische Merkmalen und   syntaktische Strukturen,"

        University of Kiel/University of Konstanz(Germany)

1984, presentation, "Ergativity in Korean syntactic structures," The 3th   ICKL(International Conference of Korean Linguistics), University of Bochum

1987, presentation, "Development of language policies in South and North Korea,"

   The Seoul Conference on Consquences of the Division and Chances for the  Reunification  of Korea and Germany, Seoul National University.

1988, presentation, "Kim Il-sung's Chuch'e Linguistic Theory and North Korean  Linguistics," 

       Berlin Conference on Consequences of the Division an Chances for the Reunification  of Korea and Germany, Free University of Berlin

1988, presentation, "Remarks on Gale's contribution to the Korean language  studies,"  The 7th ICKL, University of Toronto, Canada.

1992, presentation, "On the morphological typology of Korean," The 7th ICKL, George   Washington University, USA.  

1996, presentation, "A study of standardization of the Korean language and orthography   in the second half of  1920's,"

         The 3rd PAKS, University of Sydney, Australia.

1996, presentation, "On ergativity and accusativity in Korean," The 9th ICKL,  University of Brisbane, Australia.

1998, presentation, "Zur koreanischen traditionellen Sprachphilosophie und ihren  modernen Transformation,"

        The 2nd East-West Colloquium for Linguistics, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin(Berlin und  Unterspreewald).

2000, presentation, "Die Strömungen der Sprachforschung in Korea",

   The 3th East-west-Colloquium for Linguistics, Humboldt-Universität zu   Berlin(Berlin, Triptis und Altenburg).

2001, participation,  "The classical Chinese documents and their 'Hundok', University of  Sapporo, Japan.

2001, presentation, "The Korean language philosophy, the invention and  processing of  national writing system",

        International Conference about cultural relationship between China and Korea,  Chongchi University, Taipei, Taiwan.

2003, participation, "International conference about the reception  of Chinese character  and classical Chinese," University of Toyama, Japan.

2003, presentation, "On the autonomy of the morphological component and its  relationship to other components," 

        The 1st IWOM(International Workshop of  Morphology), Seoul: Seoul University.

2004, presentation, "On relationship between grammar and Text," Interface of  translation studies and language science:

      the case of Korean, University of Bonn


1995, The 5th Sejong Culture Prize by the President of Korea

2002, Yellow Decoration by the President of Korea

2004, The 2nd Ilsuk National Linguistics Prize by Ilsuk Foundation 

2009. Samil Kultur Preis by Samil Culture Foundation