Ko Yong-kun's Korean Linguistics Room


Professional Career

1968. 6-2002, 2

                Full-time Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor,   Professor in Dept. of Korean, Seoul National University 

1967-1972. Editor member, Language Research, Seoul National University

1971-1974, Chairman, Research Group of Grammatical Studies

1975-1977, Standing director, Korean Linguistic Society

1976. 12-1977. 12.   Humboldt-Fellow, University of Bochum, Germany

             Host: Professor B. Lewin(Far Eastern Department),

             Professor  H. Schnelle(Department of Linguistics)

             Professor R. Harweg(Department of German)

         * Main theme: Theoretical Linguistics(morphology) and Textlinguistics 

1980. Editor member, Encyclopaedia of Korean National Culture, Institute of Korean  Studies

1983. research member, unification committee of national language grammar  of high   school by Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Korea

1984. writer of national language grammar for high schools by Ministry of Education  and Culture

1995-2000, Research member, national language grammar for high schools by  Ministry of Education  and Culture

1984. 3-1984. 8, 

             Humboldt-Fellow, University of Bochum, University of  Konstanz 

             Host: Professor B. Lewin((Far Eastern Department in Bochum)

             Professor  F. Plank(Department of Linguistics in Konstanz)        

            * Main theme: Theoretical Morphology and Linguistic Typology 

1986-1988, Vice-president, Linguistic Society of Korea

1986-1988, Chairman, Department of Korean Language and Literature, Seoul  National University

1987-1993, Chairman, Chusigyong Research Institute.

1991, Member, political conference for culture exchange in South and North Korea by  Ministry of Culture

1991. Consulting member, National Language Institute

1991-1993, 1st president of Textlinguistic Society of Korea

1994. 7- 1994. 11

             Humboldt-Fellow, University of Bochum

             Host: Professor R. Harweg(Department of German)

            * Main theme: Research on Textlinguistics

             Humboldt-Fellow, University of Hamburg

             Host: Professor W. Sasse

           * Main theme, Co-translation  of my Middle Korean Grammar (1987)

1995. Chairman, Research Group of Mophology

1997. 8-1999. 7, President, Kugyol Society (‘Kugyol’ means Altkoreanische Schrift)

2004. 1~2004. 2

           Humboldt-Fellow, University of Würzburg    Host:  Professor N. R. Wolf(Department of German)  

          * Main theme: Co-work on comparative study of valency  between German  and Korean   

1999. 3~2009. 2. Editor in Chief of Morphology.(International Journal of Language)

2009. 3~   , Editorial Adviser , Morphology. (International Journal of Language)     

2009. October 5 ~ 2009, December 8' Renewal Humboldt Fellowship(Erneutes Humboldt-Stipendium)University of Konstanz(Host: Professor F. Plank)

Evolutional-Anthrophology Institute in Leipzig der Max-Plank Gesellschaft

(Host: Professor B. Comrie, Professor M. Haspelmath)

* Main theme: Co-work of "A study on the relationship between typology and grammatical description of individual languages