Ko Yong-kun's Korean Linguistics Room

2. Edited Books (1997-1975)


1997(coeditor), Chungse charyo kanghae(Reading in Middle Korean materials), Chipmundang

1986(coeditor), Chu sigyŏng, Kugŏmunbŏp(National language grammar by Chu Sigyong),  Tower Press.

     Comparison of different versions, and establishment of original version, and

     commentaries for National language grammar by Chu Sigyŏng

1983(coeditor), Kugŏ-ŭi Thongsaŭimiron(Readings in Korean syntax and semantics),  Tower Press.

1977~1986, Yŏkdae Han'gukmunbop taegye(Historical compendium of Korean  grammatical works), Vols 102 including total index, Tower Press.

   Part 1, Korean grammars by native scholars

   Part 2, Korean grammars by foreign scholars

   Part 3, Materials for national language policy and orthographies by native and  foregn scholars

1975(coeditor), Hyŏndae Kugŏmunbŏp-Nonmunsŏn(Readings in Korean  grammar--Anthology)', Daegu: Kemyung University Press.